Characters & Terms*

*These are updated as the story progresses. 


Senescence : 16-year-old, half-human, half-robot (hum-bot). Moving from Belle*Sphere to Shatl*Sphere. Strong-willed, curious, artistic, parentified child, empathetic, needs occasional alone time to feel recharged...


Hugh (Mom) : Human, wiley, reactive, loyal... Separating from husband (Data) and moving Senescence and Gravatar to a new sphere.


Data (Dad) : Robot but used to be human, emotionally-unavailable, caring, handy, practical... 


Gravatar (Brother) : 18-year-old hum-bot. Protective, bookish, gamer, careful, logical, impulsive...


Styron (Boyfriend) : 16-year-old human living in Belle*Sphere. Troubled, parentified child, lives with The Dark Cloud (FKA Depression), stubborn, romantic, poetic...


Stymphalian (new friend): 17-year-old transgender hum-bot living in Shatl*Sphere. Innovative, caring, risk-taker, thoughtful, observant,  ludite, busy-body, musician...



bits (fKA bitcoin): The electronic type of currency used by Shatl*Sphere residents. Belle*Sphere uses Bitcoin.


FO-grass : Synthetically manufactured grass grown from real grass --a scarcity in the Shatl*Sphere-- and is more prickly than real grass.


HUM-BOT: Half-human, half-robot. Humans live in Belle*Sphere and Robots live in Shatl*Sphere. Human-Robot relationships are rare so hum-bot children were extremely rare. Senescence and Stymphalian are both hum-bots.


sphere : Modern day cities are now self-contained and self-governed spheres. Some spheres contain more synthetically made surroundings than others. Some spheres have water and others don't. They must barter and create allies in order to sustain.


THE DARK CLOUD: The Bell*Spherian term for "Depression." The symptoms are more generalized and measured on a spectrum of stress. More details about The Dark Cloud will be included in upcoming parts of the story.


Weather cycle: Weather is controlled by the operators of the spheres. Their seasons are called cycles and are determined within each sphere. The more affluent spheres, like Shatl*Sphere, can afford more beautiful weather. For instance, they budget for a real palm tree and more vibrant and magical skies during tropical cycles.

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